Senin, 27 April 2009

History Of Lampung

charter Bojong show that year 1500 up to 1800 bc float to dominated by sultanate banten. :)

crown banten, pilgrim sultan, extradite several sultan power areas ageng tirtayasa to dutch. including float as present for dutch because help to oppose sultan Ageng Tirtayasa.

that request is loed in pilgrim sultan mail to major issac de saint martin, ship admiral voc at batavia that at anchor at banten. mail bears date 12 marches 1682 that is its contents, i ask please, later region tirtayasa and countries that produce pepper like to float and another soils as desirable major/ captain moor, soon will deliver to kompeni.

that mail is then is strengthened by letter date agreement 22 augusts 1682 that make voc get pepper trade monopoly right at Lampung. :)

but, efforts dominates black pepper market floats less get good welcome. in 21 novembers 1682 voc return to java just getting 744.188 black pepper ton in the amount 62.292,312 guilder.

from that number inferential that float that time be known as principal black pepper producer. black pepper also that inspire various europe country takes that time archipelago policies constellation. world spices source mastery means to dominate trade dunia-dan of course area.

triumph floats as black pepper source even also inspires the artists so that created song tanoh pepper. even, when float meresmikan be provinsi in 18 marches 1964, black pepper is one part of the that region symbol. but, pity in this time triumph pale.

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