Rabu, 29 April 2009

Earth Park Kedaton

For that want to ridden elephant, unnecessary again far go through trip 80 km from port floats to elephant training centre Bational Park Way Kambas, Lampung east. the paragraph, since year 2004 at port city edge has floated pathed a tour park that given earth tour park name Kedaton.

This tour park is more resembles zoo because present amount of animal begins from sumatra elephant (elephas maxsimus sumatrensis) that imported from Bational Park Way Kambas (symphalangus syndactylus), Monkey Beruk (macaca nemestrina), long tail monkey (macaca fascicularis), partridge (gallus gallus), eagle (folconidae), iguana (varanus salvator), and various chicken kind from china, arabian, and australian.

This tour object presence is one of [the] comfort aloof, bot merely for port member Lampung, also member from outside city which during the time must to Bational Park Way Kambas to see elephant. moreover at red letter day here also demonstrated elephant attraction as in Bational Park Way Kambas
visitor usually angered towards tour object presence initially sempat get hard reaction from amount of lsm this environment because exploits scarce animal, like elephant. this angered taste is proven by full visitor in every day free time. besides angered taste, appear visitor wants to give bew comfort to putra-putri. know during the time, red letter day loadeds port member Lampung and vinicity with toured to coast.

Operator guards earth tour park kedaton admit the mentioned. follow him, a large part visitor —hampir 90 persen— family that bring the children. and, most liked family moment pay a visit to that place goes to ridden elephant. ”pengunjung really majority children that accompanied the parents, ” he said, recently.

Earth Park Kedaton begin opened to end october 2004, after previous pros and contra government willing provinsi to open tour park more resemble this zoo is defied lsm environment. the location situated seven kilometer from port downtown floats —arah village sukarame ii, batuputu, district telukbetung west.

To make easy member visits this tour object, since in port city has floated found amount of directional signal door plate. begin from enter prince road emir m. noor, not far from office pdam way rilau, tour park information board pampang by the side of road.
since enter area sukarame ii, telukbetung west, forest atmosphere really asa and seed in road right left aims to this tour park.

area located in this plateau also give panorama aloof for the visitor with see a part port area Lampung from road that rise and complicated. besides, trip aims to this tour park also found fruits tradesman likes dorian and papaya. when in fashion dorian harvest, visitor can enjoy fresh dorian bew fall from tree.
arrive at tour park that be aim focus, visitor must pay ticket enter rp3.000/person to be able to enter location. rest if we like to step into location shows elephant attraction and snake eater human is hitted ticket cost rp10.000 to see elephant attraction and rp3.000 to watching snake eater human. temporary for visitor that intend ”mengendarai” elephant, the rate rp10 thousands/occupant to once road goes park.

friska, one of the visitor that try to drive elephant admits very impress because during the time he only see scarce animal berbelalai long that at newspaper or television. but he sigh rate rises elephant costliness for children. “apalagi if we rise bertiga so the rate rp30 thousands. this is kan expensive so, ” ungkap student smp at port floats that.
Minimum facilities

probably because still said new, still many deficits passim. but majority visitor —yang doesn't want to know about deficit itu— sigh park that still not yet complete or called zoo, because animal kind exist in this tour park stills a little.

Wati, one of the visitor proposes so that animal collection at this park augmentings so that more interesting for children. despitefully, so that at animal stable written indonesia name and latin so that this park is study place for children, belong at wood trees many decorate these park. because protected that trees is park atmosphere cools off and make pengunjuing feel comfortable prolonging and increase pleasant river stream existence blessing beside existing park expressly is made storeyed. another deficit, ruas road aims this tour park a lot perforated and there is no publik transport stripe so that for member will not has vehicle experience difficulty to visit it. really found pengojek that offered service to deliver visitor to this park, but the rate reasonable expensive that is rp25 thousands for distance seven kilometer this. moreover if kesorean, ruas road aims to this park also rather lonely so that sensitive act crime.
this tour park conceptor, governor floats sjachrudin z. p. explain, earth tour park kedaton built with a purpose to want to give alternative comfort for member. with membangunnya nature tour park, society float can choose comfort kind other exist in port city float. one of them earth tour park kedaton, beside which during the time so famous at people amusement centre (thr) white sand. “selain this is tour park development also be made transit for sumatra scarce fauna before is returned to habitats initially, ” he said, recently.

Follow sjachrudin, to build this tour park is local government floats doesn't take outside fund. “anggaran to managed tour park come from private fund that want to build tourism Lampung, ” the advanced. sjachrudin add, batuputu not only place that be made elephant tour object, besides at tower location siger that be built at bakauheni, also will displayed at airport radin diamond ii. ”sambil wait aviation, aeroplane occupant can enjoy elephant tour comfort. i want to make to Lampung as region with elephant nick name Lampung, ” his word.

Selasa, 28 April 2009

White Sands Lampung

White sands Lampung genuinely as according to the name.White sand bewitch this refreshes eye and evoke strong desire in self to surround it. situated around 20 kilometer from port city floats, this place is more is known society recently.
Manner achieves this region

by using car that pass by road trans sumatra from city floats, you can achieve this region during 30 minutes. you also can use publik transport from float direct aim white sands :)

Place stays
you can stay at inn and hotel at port area floats. when do you want to stay at island midst quiet, you can stay at inn located in inclined island. simple but pleasant. a luxurious house in the country also available at island bule, place appropriate to remove tired. alongside trip aims white sands also available many inns.

Go around
you can surround this beautiful coast with walk. by using speed boat, you also can visit inclined island and island bule.

Place dines
you can buy food at hotel or inn. you also can bring your food self.

you can buy souvenir around this coast or at port city floats.

Can you see or do
you can rise speed boat to surround this coast also to visit inclined island and island bule. island bule has fish variety, umbu cliff, and biota sea that will make you will amazed. with charter boat, you also can enjoy be sea use wood box one the side shaped milk glass. with put this box at sea water, with be glass part, you can memerhati be there life.

you also can picnick at this coast. ;)

Bational Park Way Kambas Lampung

Bational Park Way Kambas Lampung bational Park Way Kambas located in borthside Lampung this is identical with elephant, although actually that bational park also scarce fauna alive place likes rhinoceros, Sumatra tiger with another scarce animal. Bational park that appointed as bational park by forestry minister with sk no. 670/kpts-ii/1999 that be bational park that famous to foreign countries. Bational park Way Kambas has vast 125.621,3 hectare and administratively government located in kab. Lampung east and regency Lampung middle, province Lampung. air temperature 28° - 37° c. curah rain 2.500 - 3.000 mm/year. place height 0 - 60 m. dpl. geographical position 4°37’ - 5°15’ ls, 106°32’ - 106°52’b t. bational park way kambas be lowland forest ecosystem representation that consist of fresh water swamp forest, thicket seagegrass/underbrush field, and coast forest at Sumatra. :)

Elephant training centre

At Bational Park Way Kambas we can enjoy matter follow that is elephant attraction that skilled. elephant attraction that like what can we enjoy there? attraction that can we be be seen elephant attraction dance, until elephant attraction with music accompaniment, elephant football for example enough popular among local tourist, mengalung flower, berjabat hand, and swim. if want, we can ridden these elephants with pay amount of money of course.
elephants at those bational park doesn't stay in wild life actually because they were all stays in elephant training program. elephants that still wild tamed and trained at elephant training centre way kambas. this training centre foundeds to overcome wild elephant problem the life pressed because the habitats is used for agriculture arable land.

Asylum Rhino Sumatra:

Besides elephant training centre, Bational Park Way Kambas has asylum Rhino sumatra that be only place cultivation sumatra Rhinoceros wild fauna in indonesia. even srs be only sumatra rhinoceros breeding developers place location according to semi natural at asia or may be world. but nature tour visit at srs very limitted because to kepetingan watchfulness and sumatra rhinoceros development.

Besides, if intend us can surround bational park with ridden elephant, calm because elephant – elephant skilled. hm, can shadow sensation that can we can with climb biggest land mammals? if luck, we can also see various bational park occupant wild fauna way kambas. but, best time to be able to see fauna – that wild fauna at morning or evening. how with bighttime safari? well, between two lights sure sensation and scenery that can we enjoy differ. when bighttime, we can see mobile animal between two lights, like boar. but don't forget to bring lotion counters mosquito, kalo ngga be guaranteed our body forest mosquito bite consequence small bump full nan savage.
Ya. At Batial Park Way Kambas also available food kiosk that sell various food and drink with of course souvenir as our adventures sign is at way kambas.

Tips trip:
Bational park located in where does air temperature very tall suffocatingly sun that can burn skin. so that we felt pleasant during enjoy adventures at way kambas, best we are meyiap long hand coat, hat (kalo there jungle hat) to protect our face. try to wear shoe meutupi heel.
if we decide to stay, we can establish tent or stay at mess elephant guide.

How aim to bational Park Way Kambas?

Next route to aim there:

1.Bandarlampung - metro - labuhan queen (100 km), use car + 2 clocks.branti - metro - labuhan 2.Queen (88 km), use car + 1.30 clock.
3.Bakauheni - long - sribawono - labuhan queen (1882 km), use car + 3 clocks.
4.Bakauheni - labuan meringgai - way kambas, use car + 2 clocks.
5.Labuhan queen - elephant training centre, use car + 15 minutes.
Time crowded :
at the (time) of school holiday or in july sd september
Bational park office address way kambas:
Office BTN Way Kambas, Jl. Labuhan Ratu Lama, Labuhan queen lampung east Lampung indonesia 34196 ;)